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Do you know how to maintain your hair clipper?

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In the daily use of the electric hair clipper, the blade head often becomes blunt. The reason for this situation is that the daily maintenance and maintenance of the hair clipper is not done. Next, the daily cleaning and maintenance of the hair cutting machines will be introduced.


88. hair cutting machines

Precautions for hair clipper cleaning


1. After separating the electric hair cutting machine from the power cord plug, the hair clipper can be cleaned in water.

2. The shell cannot be disassembled, because it will affect the waterproof structure of the hair clipper.

3. Clean the hair cutting tools with clean water, do not use salt water or hot water. Do not soak the hair clipper in water for a long time.

4. Only use a soft cloth slightly moistened with tap water or soapy water to clean the shell. Do not use thinner, gasoline, alcohol or other chemicals.


Hair clipper maintenance tips


1. The electric hair clipper you just bought should be charged for more than 12 hours, which is good for the battery. And if you do not use the hair clipper for more than a month, charge the charger for more than 12 hours before using it. This can effectively extend the life of the hair clipper battery.

2. Generally speaking, the hair clipper can continue to be used for about 45 minutes after the charge is completed, but it should be noted that as the number of times the hair clipper is charged, the battery's efficiency decreases and it will not be used for that long. So try to charge it in time and don't let the hair clipper completely empty.

3. Limit combs are very useful for novice haircuts, so as to avoid haircuts with different lengths. Pay attention to using the largest limiter as much as possible, and make the haircut as long as possible, so that if the haircut is not good, there is still a chance to remedy it.

4. Try to avoid using it while charging. Many hair clippers' instructions say that the hair clipper can be used while charging, but for new electric hair cutter, doing so is very harmful to the battery, so try not to do this.


Removal and installation method of hair clipper blade


Hold the hair clipper firmly on the front of both hands, and press down on the blade with both thumbs to remove it. Then hold the electric clippers with both hands, insert the lower part of the replacement blade into the lower buckle in the space where the blade is placed, and then press the upper part of the blade with the thumbs of both hands to complete the replacement of the blade.


88. clean hair clipper

Battery replacement and maintenance


Electric hair clippers are generally divided into battery type and plug-in type. The battery-type hair clipper does not need to be plugged in, only the battery is fully charged. Generally, common electric hair clippers on the market have built-in lithium batteries, built-in nickel-metal hydride batteries, built-in nickel-cadmium batteries and external batteries. Among them, lithium batteries are generally used in high-end hair clippers because of their excellent electrical efficiency. Wired plug-in hair clippers are generally used in barber shops, because they are frequently used and require continuous power supply. The battery hair clipper needs to be charged in time, and the hair clipper cannot be left in an empty state for a long time. When the battery power supply of the hair clipper cannot be used continuously, you need to contact the after-sales service to replace the battery in time.


In general, a good quality hair clipper can save a lot of time and money. If you can properly clean and maintain your professional hair clipper, their service life can be extended. So if you want to properly maintain and clean your hair clippers, please don't miss this article. And If have any questions about hair clippers, you can consider consulting Dingling, which is a professional manufacturer of hair cutting trimmer, hair shaver kit and so on.

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