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Do you know how to clean electric beard trimmers?

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Electric beard trimmers bring convenience to men's life. However, many men ignore a problem. Beard trimmers also need careful maintenance. Using electric beard trimmers correctly can not only get satisfactory shaving effect, but also ensure safe use and prolong the service life of electric beard trimmers. Here are some ways to keep the good beard trimmer clean.

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The methods for cleaning electric beard trimmers

  • Like other electronic products, beard trimmer kits need regular maintenance and repair, and any minor defects should be repaired in time. Therefore, regularly clean the beard residue in the beard trimmers, which can keep the beard trimmers in the best operation state at all times and save more power. In addition, pay attention to clean the dust on the blade with a soft brush instead of scraping with hard tools. The more advanced the electric razor is, the more precise it is, so you must start gently. If the cutter head is not cleaned for a long time, resulting in unclean shaving, the cutter head shall be opened for cleaning (a larger brush can be used). In case of blockage, it can be soaked and cleaned with water containing detergent.

  • Always clean the cutter head, but pay special attention not to damage the blade during cleaning. You can use a brush to remove the dandruff along the blade, and then spray cleaning and disinfection lubricant to keep the blade sharp.

  • The blade should be close to the skin to achieve the best effect. When in use, the angle between the beard trimmer and the skin should be kept at 90 degrees, so that the razor head can approach the beard unimpeded, so as to achieve the best shaving effect.

  • When installing and removing the beard trimmer, be sure to disconnect the power supply and stop the motor rotation or electromagnetic vibration, otherwise there is a risk of cutting. Pay special attention when installing and removing the front end of the inner beard trimmer due to the sharp edge.

  • The most common way to clean the cutter head is to wash it with clean water. When washing with clean water, the beard trimmer body should not touch water to avoid mechanical failure. If the product you use is dry and wet, the base part still should not come into contact with water to avoid damaging the motor.

  • In order to keep the battery in use, the ambient temperature should be within the range of 0 ~ 40 ℃. When it is not used for a long time, the dry battery should be taken out and stored to avoid damaging the internal parts due to liquid leakage.

  • Please do not use the electric beard trimmer with insufficient beard trimmer. If you use it reluctantly, the motor of the beard trimmer will be worn out.

85. clean electric beard trimmers

In general, this article introduces some methods to clean and maintain the beard trimmer. If you want to better clean and maintain your professional beard trimmer, please don't miss this article. In addition, if you are interested in buy beard trimmers, Dingling is a professional manufacturer which provide high quality beard trimmers, hair cutting trimmers, professional hair clippers, hair shaver kit, beard grooming kit and so on. Welcome to consult Dingling for any questions.

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