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Do you know how to buy a suitable electric shavers?

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Electric shavers is an essential commodity in our daily life, so how do we choose a suitable  electric beard shavers? The following will be analyzed from several angles.

92. beard shaver machines

Cutter head type

The most important factor in whether the beard shaver machines can shave the beard is the head. Properly designed cutter head can make shaving a pleasure.

The shaver heads sold on the market can be roughly divided into turbine type, staggered type and omental type.

1. Turbine cutter head: use the rotating multi-layer blade to shave off the beard. This cutter head design is the most commonly used razor.

2. Staggered cutter head: use the principle of staggered vibration of two metal blades to push the beard into the groove for scraping.

3. Omental cutter head: the dense omental design is used to produce rapid vibration and scrape away small beard residue.

Number of cutter heads

Whether the cutter head is sharp or not directly affects the shaving efficiency. In addition, the number of cutter heads is also a decisive factor. The head of the early electric shaver was designed with a single head, which could not shave the beard completely. With the progress of technical design, in order to obtain better shaving effect. The beard shaver set with double heads always has a good shaving effect, but it is not easy to scrape off the small beard residue or the curve angle of the chin.


In terms of function, in addition to the basic shaving function, the high quality beard shaver also has the functions of "head cleaning display", "power storage display" and so on. In addition, the new generation of electric shavers have also successfully developed a "sideburns knife" to shave men's hair, so that men can often keep their sideburns neat.

1. The first thing to see is whether the blade is smooth and whether the hood has pits

2. Check whether the motor operates normally and whether there is noise

3. Finally, check whether the razor is clean and comfortable

4. Try to choose brand products with guaranteed quality

92. electric beard shavers


There are many types of automatic electric shavers, and there are big differences in their rated voltage, rated power, transmission mechanism, structural principle, and price. When purchasing, consider the following points based on your actual situation:

1. If there is no AC power source, or the user often goes out to carry the user, it is generally appropriate to choose an electric shaver driven by a dry battery.

2. If you have an AC power source and often use it in a fixed place, it is best to choose an AC power source or rechargeable electric shaver.

3. If you want to adapt to various occasions, you should choose a multi-purpose electric shaver that is AC, rechargeable, and dry battery type.

4. For those with sparse, thin beard, smooth skin and shorter shave, you can choose a vibrating reciprocating electric shaver or a general rotary electric shaver. For beards with thick and hard beards, you can choose a rectangular slit-type outer-knife electric shaver, a circular slit-type outer-knife electric shaver, or a three-head rotary electric shaver.

5. When using, there should be no obvious vibration, and the action should be brisk.

6. The shape is beautiful and light, the parts are complete, the assembly is good, and the assembly and disassembly of the accessories are convenient and reliable.

7. It is easy to clean after use and includes waterproof hair clippers, haircutting trimmer, hair shaver kit, beard grooming kit, etc.

8. It should be equipped with a cover to store and protect the blade, or have a structure that can retract the blade or the whole.

9. Good insulation performance, safe and reliable, and there should be no leakage.

10. The sound of no-load operation of the electric shaver should be small, uniform and stable, and there should be no noise that fluctuates in severity.

In general, through the analysis of the type, function and number of blades of the shaver, I think you should have a certain understanding of the choice of electric shaver. If you want to buy beard shaver that suits you, you can consult Dingling, a manufacturer with professional production experience that provides waterproof hair clippers, hair cutting trimmer, hair shaver kit, beard grooming kit, etc.

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