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What Kinds of Haircutters are There?

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A haircut clipper is a portable appliance specifically designed to cut hair on the head. It has gone through a long history before it was invented.



Haircutting Scissors

In the beginning, people used ancient knives and swords to cut their hair, then 3000 years ago the ancient Mesopotamians invented scissors. This lightweight, compact tool was discovered by barbers and was widely used for hairstyling and trimming. To cut look better, craftsmen continued to improve the look of the haircutting scissors, which gradually led to the modern haircutting scissors kit. The right hairdressing scissors are made of high-quality metal, unlike the old scissors you have at home. These scissors also tend to be very light. The barber can use sharp scissors to design your hair cleanly.


The professional haircutting scissors chosen by barbers are usually detachable blade scissors, adjustable scissors, and T-blade trimmers. The detachable blade shears are the most powerful in use today. As the name implies, its blades can be removed and replaced depending on how long your client wants their hair to be. Many barbers also use different size blades for fading and shorter beard trims. Adjustable scissors are a sharp tool that is used to thin hair. It has a lever on the side of the handle that changes the length of the blades. Generally, the smaller the number, the shorter the scissors cut. t-blade is named for its appearance. The design allows the T-blade to be closer to the contours of the ear, neck, and beard. It is best used for cleaning up edges and adding line designs.


5-1-electric hair trimmers


Electric hair clippers

Around 1850, Serbian barber Nikola Bizumic invented the manual haircutter, which was the prototype of the modern electric haircutter. With the development of technology, modern hair cut machine suppliers have designed haircut shavers of various power and specifications, including hair and beard trimmer, cordless clipper, and corded hair trimmer, etc. All of these have changed the tradition of going into a barbershop to get a haircut.


5-2-haircut shavers

The two most common types of electric hair trimmers are the corded trimmer and the cordless clipper. the main difference between these two types of hair trimmers is whether or not they have a power connection cord. Although both are powered by electricity, because they are equipped with a power cord, the corded clipper can be used continuously without ever losing power. When you walk into a professional barbershop, you will find that most barbers choose corded barbers to reduce the risk of power shortage. Cordless barbers are more often kept at home as a tool for daily hairstyling because they can be moved freely.

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