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How to Shave Your Head

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When your father taught you to shave, he focused on his cheeks and chin. This is possible in your first ten or twenty years of shaving, but did you inherit the crown of sudden baldness? (or you have a bunch of hair, but prefer to use the bad assets of rock music, even Jeff Bezos's "I'm the boss").


Since you're a big boy now, Dad won't show you the way around you. Fortunately, barber Eric Holmes is. Holmes shaved at the blind barbers in Los Angeles. He knew the whole story of cutting his dome with hair cutting machine. In many ways, you will use the same logic as your facial hair, but not always. He has many hair-cutting tools for home use.Pay close attention, as Holmes will remind you: take your time. Here are all the things you need to know before you paint poetry on your head.


45.1 self hair shaver

Holmes saw men shave their heads with various types of shavers. If you want to shave the best beard with a self hair shaver (compared with a real professional hair shaver or safety shaver), choose a shaver with three to five blades so that you can avoid repeating it in any area. Holmes does not avoid disposable blades here, because the disposable blade policy is beneficial to the crown. In this case, you can try to choose Dingling, which has a flexible head and can slide with the contour of the head. 


How to shave your head


Buzz it down. The first thing: you should comb all your hair to a suitable length. Buy a set of humble electronic scissors; We like Wahl's home professional game. Most people will remove the protective cover and hum down to minimize the number of hair shaved later with a shaver and reduce the resistance of the blade. However, some people will use the small hair shaver, so that the hair is short enough to be shaved, but in this way, the length of the hair can still be seen. If you miss a place after shaving, you will be more likely to notice.So this is the first thing you should pay attention to when you cutting your hair with a hair trimmer.


45.3 hair cutting machine

Showering with hot water is like shaving. It is best to soften the skin with warm water or hot water. This will open pores, relax hair and reduce friction and burns with a wet head shaver. In this case, it will also wash away any haircuts you have just trimmed.


During Exfoliating Shower, take some rough frosting raw materials. The frosting is liquid gold and applies it to your head. This will lift any dead skin, preventing pore blockage and inward hair growth. Shaving is an exfoliation process, but you don't need too much dead skin to cause additional problems in the main activities when using the hair and body shaver.


Apply pre-shaving oil Holmes recommends using pre-shaving oil to help your shaver slide more easily through the skin. This also forms a small protective barrier between the blade and the skin when you use the electric shavers. It's a bit like the doorman of your skin: if it works, you'll never notice the difference. If you give it up... You may feel burned later. (our rec: the art of tasteless shaving oil before shaving)

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