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How to Choose the Size of Hair Clippers?

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We know that a suitable hair clipper is very important for hairdressers or barbers. And size of hair clippers is an important factor as well. Generally the choice of hair clipper size mainly depends on the size of the hand, and it has nothing to do with height and weight. In barber shop, good hair clippers are always equipped with clipper guards, which can change the length of the cut. Then how to choose the size of hair cutting clippers?

57 hair clippers

Generally speaking, the length of your thumb plus the length of your index finger converted to inches is the size of scissors that suits you. This is the most professional way to choose the size of scissors internationally. Another way to choose a professional hair clipper is to see what hair you mainly cut. If you are cutting a fluffy hair style, generally the hairdresser will use smaller size scissors. The small scissors usually refer to 4.5 to 5.0 inches long. The big scissors are 5.5 inches long. And scissors that are larger than 6 inches are seldom used. But if you are cutting a Tony cover hair style, the hairdresser will use scissors from 6 inches to 6.5 inches. We know that there are various hair clippers and hair shavers for a professional hairdresser. If cutting men’s hair, a scissor with larger size will be used, and the size is preferably more than 6 inches based on the traditional A-shaped handle.

Thinning hair shears are generally 5.5 inches and 6 inches. It is often used for thinning hair or bangs. But the choice of thinning shears mainly depends on the number of teeth and the amount of hair removal. If you want to cut hair at home, it is recommended that you buy a smaller hair volume around 15%, so that you can carefully adjust the hair volume after drying your hair. Otherwise you can choose to remove the hair volume at about 25% with 27 teeth scissors. It is not recommended to use the hair removal volume above 30%. It is easy to break the hair style if it is not well controlled. The main purpose of the thinning hair clippers is to adjust the hair volume later.

Common haircut methods

1. Trim your hair

When the hair grows to a certain length, the ends of the hair will split and break easily. Regular pruning can avoid this phenomenon and keep the hair healthy and shiny. At the same time, regular pruning using ordinary hair clippers can also stimulate the metabolism of hair cells and stimulate hair growth. For men, cutting hair short regularly can keep good image.

2. Fluffy hair

We know that hair is an appendage of the scalp. If the hair is pasted on the scalp, it will affect the breathing and excretion of the scalp and cause the scalp and hair to become sick. So, it is necessary to trim hair regularly to make it fluffy.

3. Perm

For ladies, they like perm. But it is advisable to perm once every six months, and the perm time should not be too long.

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