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How to Choose the Best Electric Shavers?

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For men, a good electric shaver is indispensible in daily life, since it can help them to keep tidy of face. Nowadays, there are various hair shavers on market, and each type has different models. How to choose the best electric shaver? In this article, we will share with you some methods to choose the suitable electric shavers.

First of all, you have to understand the types of shavers on the market. Generally, electric hair shavers can be divided into rotary and reciprocating types according to the blade action mode. Now let us take a look their characteristics separately.

various hair shavers

Rotary type

The blade of rotary electric shaver can continuously rotate 360 degrees under the drive of the motor, and can cut the beard in one direction. The advantage is that the noise is low and the vibration is small. So, it is not easy to damage the skin, and you may feel very comfortable when using. And it has long life of the cutter head. Of course, compared with reciprocating type, this type is less horsepower and less vibration, and the shave cleanliness is inferior to the reciprocating type.

Reciprocating type

The reciprocating electric shaver is driven by a fast-rotating motor to swing the blade left and right, which can easily and quickly shave the beard cleanly. The advantage is that it has high horsepower, high cleanliness, and the head swinging from side to side will not pull the beard. Compared with rotary type, this type is greater horsepower and greater vibration, and it has better shave cleanliness. But the service life of cutter head is relatively short.

How to choose the suitable one?

1. Select as your requirement.

Seen from above, we know that the main consideration of purchase elements is your own needs. That is to say, when you select, you should consider these points including price, performance, product features etc. according to your requirement and favorite. Generally, if it is not for special needs, you may choose a product with medium price. Of course, the high-end electric shavers with higher price are better in material, technology, and user experience, and they are better in terms of functions.

2. The cleaning method of the razor.

At present, most electric shavers have the function of water washing, but you must carefully check whether it is full body washing when buying.

3. Skin type and face shape.

Those with more sensitive skin should choose one which can use for acne-prone skin. Usually men with a larger face and a wider beard distribution area can choose a multi-blade electric shaver. Men with a smaller face and a smaller beard distribution area may choose a single-blade electric shaver, which may be more comfortable to use.

4. Features of beard.

Men who have thick and hard beards or who need to shave every day should choose a reciprocating razor with large power. But men who have thin beards and do not need to shave often can choose a quieter or rotary shaver that makes the skin feel more comfortable.

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