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How often does the Trimmer Blade Change?

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Electric hair trimmer is the daily necessity for men, which is frequently used in daily life. When the blade feels jerky and shave is not smooth during trimming, it is the shaving tool that has issued a replacement signal. Then how often does the hair trimmer blade change?

Generally speaking, hair razor blades are changed once a week, mainly because it is safer and more hygienic. If the beard is thicker and harder, you can change it more frequently. So, the softness and hardness of the individual's beard and the amount of beard are also the main factors that determine the frequency of blade replacement. And you should not put the electric trimmer blade in a damp place, so that it will not breed bacteria or rust. Of course, in order to make the service life of the blade longer, it is recommended that you do not throw away the knife case that comes with the face and body trimmer when you buy it. After shaving, you may rinse the blade with clean water and place it in the knife case to make it dry. Do not leave it on the sink, because this will breed bacteria on the blade and shorten the life of the blade.

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What should be paid attention to when using the blade of ordinary hair trimmer?

1. We know that you need to change a blade every 5-7 times under normal circumstances. But in fact how often the blade is changed depends on how dense the beard is and how often you shave your face. So, you may change according to the actual condition and your needs.

2. After shaving, you should keep the beard trimmer blade cleaning. You may use a brush to remove the scum on the blade, and then spray disinfectant to keep the hair shaver blade clean. Next, you spray the protection oil to prevent the blade from rust.

3. The cutting edges and pores of the inner and outer blades can easily hide scum and dander. Try to clean it after using every time.

4. Try to clean with a small brush, because the solidification of dander and skin oil will hinder the movement and sharpness of the blade. It is necessary to frequently remove the debris remaining on the blade.

5. Since the outer blade is thin, do not push it with a big blade to avoid deformation. Once deformed, it will hinder the rotation of the inner blade or cut the skin during use. Here reminder if the cutting edge is deformed and damaged, it should not be used again, otherwise there will be a danger of cuts.

6. Turn off the switch after use. In order to protect the blade, you must put on a protective cover before putting it in a box, and then store the face and body shaver in a dry place.

7. When replacing the beard shaver blade, firstly push down the button on the handle with your thumb, and push the button hard, and then the old blade will pop out.

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