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How Much Do You Know about the Motor Type of Hair Clipper?

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When you choose an electric hair clipper or electric beard trimmer, do you know what kind of motor type is better? In this article, we will talk about the motor type of electric powered clippers.

Just like hair razors for men, many households use small electric hair clippers as essential caring products. Of course, they bring lots of convenience for people who can have a haircut at home, and it is also a healthier and more fashionable life style. We know that there are two core components of the electric haircut machine, one is the cutter head, and the other is its power component that is hair clipper motor. Generally speaking, there are three types of motor including pivot, rotary and magnetic motors. What features they have and what is the difference between them?

62-rotary motor clipper

Magnetic motor has the feature of reliable power and large volume cutting, so its blade speed is high. Compared with other two types, the power of this type is relative small, but it is suitable for home use and semi professional purpose due to its simple and reliable design. If you use it occasionally at home or you often use it to cut dry hair, it is recommended that you choose this type.

Pivot motor has the feature of high power which is similar to the magnetic motor, but it has lower blade speed, which is suitable for professional stylists to cut thick, heavy and wet hair.

Among the three motor types, rotary motor clipper or rotary motor trimmer has the most power and has AC and DC power units. It has wide variety of cuts, and it can be classified by its higher torque, equal power and slower blade speed. It can be said that it is the most powerful hair clippers or trimmers on market. So, it is suitable for cutting wet and thick hair, and it is an ideal tool for bulk hair removal applications such as dog hairs or horse hairs etc.

The principle of the electric clipper

The working principle of electric clipper is to fit the eccentric shaft mounted on the motor with the slot of the upper blade holder. When the motor is running, an eccentric ring is generated. The eccentric ring converts the upper blade into the upper blade to balance left and right. The eccentric distance does a reciprocating motion to achieve the effect of shearing. Therefore, the faster the motor speed of the electric clipper is, the more the power will be. Generally, the speed of the hair clipper for adults is higher, because adult hair is harder, so the vibration is relatively large. We know that the baby's hair is soft, when using electric clipper to cut hairs, the speed of machine is average, and the vibration is relatively small. Generally hair clippers belong to low-power electrical appliances, so their motors often use DC micro motors. Considering the price, more brush motors are used on this kind of machine. And some manufacturers specially developed and produced two series of brush and brushless motor products for hair clippers.

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