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Do you know how to clean and maintain electric shavers?

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The bacterial content on the mobile phone is comparable to the toilet bowl. What about the bacterial content of the beard shaver machines? According to investigations and studies, if the electric shaver is not cleaned in time, it is easy for bacteria and other dirt to be adsorbed on the blade. The bacterial count inside the electric shaver is 125 times higher than the bacterial count in the toilet lid. So how do we clean and maintain the electric shaver in daily life and use?

90. electric shavers

The first is to clean the cutter head, rinse with water or use a brush to clean up the stubble and dust attached to it. Then put the cutter head in a cool place to fully dry to prevent bacteria from breeding in a humid environment. The second is to charge the shaver regularly, if the shaver often works with insufficient power. One will significantly reduce the comfort of shaving, and the other will damage the cutter head to a certain extent. The last is to regularly oil the cutter head to keep it lubricated and sharp, so that the beard shaver set can perform better. If possible, the entire body should be wiped and disinfected regularly to prevent the electric shaver from being exposed to the bathroom for a long time to breed bacteria.

In addition, in order to ensure the shaving effect, it is best to choose high-performance alkaline batteries for dry-electric shavers. If the battery is left unused for a long time, the battery must be taken out to avoid damage to internal parts due to battery leakage.

Since most of the built-in rechargeable battery of the rechargeable bead shaver has a memory effect, it must be fully charged and discharged every time. If you don't use it for a long time, you should discharge the remaining power (start idling until the shaver no longer rotates), and store it in a dry place.

In order to keep the best shaving effect of the electric shaver blade, the blade net should be protected to avoid bumping. If the blade has not been cleaned for a long time, it should be cleaned by opening the blade (a larger brush can be used). If there is a blockage, it can be soaked in water containing detergent to clean it.

90. beard shaver machines

The tips when your using electric shaver

(1) Generally, it is not advisable to shave when the beard is too long. If the beard is too long, it is best to use a dual-purpose electric razor with a trimmer. Or use small scissors to roughly cut the beard shorter, and then use a razor, which is more effective.

(2) Dry your face first and then shave. It is best to use your fingers to tighten the facial skin slightly, touch the skin along the direction at right angles to the beard, and gently move the electric shaver in a circle.

(3) People with allergic physique, as well as when the body is fatigued, when there are alcohol thorns, swelling sores on the face, and the skin has fever, itching or rash, etc., it is not suitable to use an electric razor.

(4) When installing and disassembling the electric shaver, be sure to disconnect the power supply, stop the motor rotation or electromagnetic vibration, otherwise, there is a danger of being cut. Due to the sharp edge of the inner blade, special attention should be paid when installing and disassembling.

(5) The cutting edges and pores of the inner and outer knives are easy to hide in shavings and dander, and should be cleaned with a small brush after each use. Because the solidification of shavings and skin oil will hinder the movement and sharpness of the blade, it is necessary to frequently remove the debris remaining on the blade.

(6) Since the outer knife is thin, do not push it with a big knife to avoid deformation. Once deformed, it will hinder the rotation of the inner knife or cut the skin during use. If the cutting edge is deformed and damaged, it should not be used again, otherwise there will be a danger of cuts.

In general, this article introduces the cleaning method of the electric shaver and Tips when using it. I believe you must have an understanding of the cleaning and use of the electric shaver. If you want to buy a top electric beard shavers, Dingling will be a good choice, which is a professional manufacturer of waterproof hair clippers, hair cutting trimmer, hair shaver kit, beard grooming kit and is an ideal choice.

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