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Difference between Electric Shaver and Beard Trimmer

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When faced with the choice of tools for trimming beards, many men are confused about whether to choose an electric shaver or a beard trimmer. Although both tools can be used to trim beards, they are quite different. In this article, we will introduce two tools in detail to help you choose the best product for you.




Electric Shaver

The electric beard shaver can be closer to the skin and provide you with the most appropriate shaving effect. This feature is mainly due to the metal foil system, which can push the skin and support the hair, thereby cutting the hair into slices. However, the beard trimmer for men uses a vibrating head, which will cut the hair when it encounters the beard, and it cannot be pressed close to the skin without damaging the beard. Therefore, although the beard shaving trimmer can cut the beard, it cannot shave very cleanly like a dedicated electric shaver.



Beard Trimmer

Beard trimmers may not provide a smooth and clean surface like electric shaver, but they are more suitable for long hair. Therefore, professional beard trimmer is also more suitable for trimming body hair, and it is very suitable for trimming the ends of hair. In addition, electric beard trimmer is also suitable for fine trimming hairstyles, and can trim your face to help you get a clean and clear line. At the same time, it also has enough power to trim the hair on the head and body.



The Difference between Trimmer and Shaver

1.Electric Shaver Can Be Used to Shave

With the development of technology, some electric shaver will be equipped with a pop-up swing blade attachment, which can be used to shave beard like shaving trimmer. This tool can help you trim the edges of your hairline, and in an emergency, it can also be used to tidy up the scattered hair. Although the electric shaver has a smaller beard trimming range than the beard trimmer, it is ideal if you are traveling and find out hairs that need to be trimmed. Some electric shaver also provides many kinds of head attachments, such as beard trimmer knives.


2.Beard Trimmer Has Comb Attachment

Unlike electric shaver, clean shave trimmer is usually equipped with a comb attachment. This attachment can help us control the cutting depth so that we can trim the beard to the same length every time. And this accessory can help us to achieve the transition of hair length from beard to hairline.


3.Trimmer Is More Durable Than Shaver

Good beard trimmer has self-sharpening blades. It has a long service life. If you regularly maintain the trimmer, keep it clean and lubricate it, the trimmer can be used for many years. Although shaver's shaving effect is good, the blade will become dull after a few years and needs to be replaced, so that the long-term cost of using shaver will be higher.



79-cordless beard trimmer

Which Is the Best?

In general, electric shaver is suitable for trimming facial hair, and cordless beard trimmer is suitable for trimming longer hair and maintaining good bulkiness. But in fact, with the advancement of technology, the functions between the two are becoming more and more similar. Therefore, there is no best of the two, only the most suitable tool for you. So, it's worth thinking about, what do you need it for before you decide which one is right for you.

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